Do you feel called by Inanna, also known as Ishtar and Astarte?
Do you want a deeper relationship with the Mesopotamian Queen of Heaven?
Do you want to deepen your practice with structure and guidance from an experienced priestess?
Are you ready to level up your devotion?
Circle of Inanna Devotional Gathering is a sacred container for womyn (including trans* and nonbinary women) who want a deeper, spiritual connection to the goddess Inanna. If you are a woman or woman-identified person who wishes for a deeper practice and a greater relationship with the Mesopotamian goddess of love, war, passion, fertility, sex, knowledge, and marriage, this circle is for you. Any woman of any level of experience is welcome.
In this circle, you will:
The group includes:
You’ll also get special privileges like:
Circle of Inanna meets online at 3pm CT, on the third Sunday of every month.
All membership dues go to Circle of Stars Mystery School to support its programs.